About Mark H. Stevens


Biographical Data

Chaplain Mark H. Stevens, Th.D., CPRP

Mark H. Stevens is an ordained Elder in the COGIC 1st Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of New Jersey.  He is the Dean of the Charles Harrison Mason Bible Institutes of New Jersey (Camden and Manchester). He is the Pastor of Mt. Calvary COGIC in Camden, NJ . Elder Stevens is married to the former Stephanie Perry, who is also a Minister of the Gospel. Elder Stevens is the Supervisor of Chaplains at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital and an On-Call Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator at Cooper Trauma Center.

Elder Stevens graduated from the Institute of Biblical Studies, a school of the Philadelphia Bible University. He is an ETA (Evangelical Training Association) certified Bible Teacher. He holds a BA in Theology and an MA in Ministry from Freedom Bible College and Seminary, and recently received his Doctorate in Theology  from Freedom. He has completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Cooper Trauma Center. He is certified in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certification from UMDNJ (University of Dental and Medical of NJ), He has also completed his Doctoral Dissertation on grief which he has just recently had published.

 Elder Stevens is a highly decorated retired MSgt in the USAF. He has served in Combat Operations in Somalia, Honduras, Turkey, Korea, and Morocco.  He has preached and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every country he set his foot in. He was also instrumental in starting the first Church of God in Christ in South Korea under the leadership of Dr. Herman G. Platt. Elder Stevens’s greatest joy is preparing people for the work of ministry. Prior to accepting the call to ministry Elder Stevens was a Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do) instructor.

 Specialties: Psychiatric Rehab Counselor
Paliative Care Chaplain
Grief Counselor
Group Therapy Facillitator
Martial Arts Instructor
Law Enforcement
Expert Marksman


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