As I read the horrific and blatantly racist rants of Donald Trump I am not really shocked or alarmed, why? Because Trump has been showing his racist and mysogenistic tendencies for years. What REALLY irks me is the number of so-called “Bible Believing” Evangelical Christians that make excuses for Donald Trumps constant racist actions and behaviors, and even MORE shocking is the number of IGNORANT Kneegros that STILL send Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin Jr., and Benny Hinn their “firstfruits”, tithes, and seed offerings.

Those of you that know ME know that I constantly try and warn people about the danger of taking the Word out of context, and the dangers of the prosperity “gospel” which is the Merchandising of Jesus. I am really upset because the Black Church got in line with many of these Prosperity Pimps false doctrine and teach in our inner-city churches where poor people are literally raped and pilaged every Sunday because they TRUST the Man of Gawd’s ability to interpret the scriptures….PLEASE WAKE UP!

In the horrible days of slavery Blacks were punished if they tried to read or had possession of books. Before the Holocaust the Nazis burned books especially history books. The Bible says it best “My people PERISH because of the lack of knowledge” What type of knowledge are we lacking that is destroying us?

  1. Knowledge of Self – Black youth need to know that out history didn’t start when we were herded off of slave-ships like cattle, our history is traced back to Africa where we were Kings, Queens, and warriors. I remember Richard Pryor did a skit on his short lived TV show about a group of Archaeologist that discovered a great cache of Egyptian artifacts, and Pryor played their servant….while they were examining things remarked “Wow all these drawings are of Black people”….when he said that they closed his Black behind in the tomb with the TRUTH.
  2. Knowledge of Finances and Business – Every race seems to understand this better than our people, we are a consumer race, and everyone else knows it. We don’t own a damn thing but we buy everything everyone else produces.
  3. Knowledge of God – Yeah we know how to “have church”, but we don’t even know that the people in the Bible we study about were people of color. We also don’t value the power of God IN US. The same God that created the Universe is in YOU…not in a BUILDING…IN YOU!!!!

Dr. M. Hamilton Stevens