No one achieves success without HELP, TRAINING, and A PUSH. Everyone needs a mentor and everyone needs to MENTOR someone else. From a Biblical perspective this is called DISCIPLESHIP! Here are some of the MEN that served as a MENTOR to me….


13 of the Men that had a great Influence on my life:


  1. Alfred Mellow – He was my mother’s boyfriend, he was the closest thing I had to father growing up. He was a hard worker that showed me that hard work pays off and he spent time showing me things men have to do like be responsible.


  1. Lou Stevens– through my big brother I learned how to be tough, he was a great athlete and I admired that. His love for sports and Judo was passed on to me and I stayed with it until I got a Black Belt. He also introduced me to Marvel Comics, I miss our arguments over who was the greatest superhero, and he was my hero when I was a kid.


  1. Joseph Tisdale – My WWII vet uncle, he used to give me “the talks” that my mother really couldn’t deal with. I looked forward to the rides to the Barbershop with Uncle Joe; he was a hardworking man, owned his own house and always dressed sharp and had nice cars.


  1. Charlie Tisdale – My cousin and son of my Uncle James, Charlie always made sure I was working, he would pay me to clean up his yard and garage, and got me my first real job with ABCD sweeping streets, it was nice to have cash and learn the importance of hard work.



  1. Coach Tug Williams – My High School football coach, he was tough as nails and mean. I was NOT a good football player but I tried hard. I came to practice with the flu, throwing up and had a fever and he sent me home…but complemented me for trying. He even mentioned how hard I tried at the banquet, which meant a lot to me.


  1. Pak Ho Sik – My Tang Soo Do KarateInstructor – He pushed me really hard but he saw something in me and he worked with me after class, I helped him with his English and he kicked my behind until I made 1st Dan.


  1. Isaiah Sierson – A Baptist preacher that loved soul-winning, I learned more about Apologetics from him than any book I ever read. He knew Christology better than any human I ever met.


  1. Errol L Woolard– I met him in the Air Terminal at Andrews AFB when I was in a backslidden state and he was spiritual and restored me in the spirit of meekness. We later met up in Korea and he introduced me to the next man…


  1. Herman G. Platt (in the photo) – This man was my first COGIC pastor and mentor, I learned the importance of prayer from this man. Also influenced me to go back to school and get a Christian/ Seminary education. I learned some valuable tips on Deliverance Ministry from him also.



  1. Morris K. Baxter – This man is like a father to me, I learned the importance of diligence and devotion. There was no quit in this man and he really loved his people and would do anything for the people on his watch. He emphasized the importance of worship and giving God praise. He also turned me on to reading Watchman Nee.


  1. John Dicks – Chaplain Dicks was probably the NICEST pastor I ever knew, he wasn’t a dynamic speaker, but he was a PASTOR that loved God’s people. He helped people and NEVER wanted attention he just did it. He also PUSHED me to stay in school!!!


  1. Herb Hirt – Was one of my professors at Philadelphia College of Bible and IJS. He was a brilliant man that knew the Bible and how to study it properly. He stressed the importance of CONTEXT! He was also very kind and was a foreign missionary that taught me WHY Apologetics was vital in outreach.


  1. Warren Wilcox – I was an intern at Riverfront Prison for a year while doing my Clinical Pastoral Education. He was always gracious and hospitable and treated me like an equal and not a student Chaplain. He was an example of an anointed educated man.



Rev. Dr. M Hamilton Stevens