So the newspapers all over the world are proclaiming the death of Christianity in America, WHY? Well here are some reasons…..

1. American’s worship MONEY…not JESUS! Jesus said you cannot serve MAMMON (Money) and Him…for you will love one and HATE the other. The Church has been corrupted by the Prosperity Message, actually it didn’t start with Jim and Tammy Bakker, it started in Rome when the Church literally SOLD salvation through indulgences. Martin Luther had a contract put on his head for preaching against it…guess that is WHY no one invites Mark Stevens to preach in their churches.

2. We have politicized Jesus…The Conservatives have Him carrying a rifle and the Liberals have Him waving a Gay flag….Jesus came to SAVE us not represent our false ideals and sins.

3. Pastors are SUPPOSED to be SERVANTS and our Pastors are being SERVED…plain and simple! Men especially avoid church because they see through the game many Pastors are running on women. A Pastor is SUPPOSED to make Disciples of Jesus Christ not cult members.

4. We have forgotten beside preaching the Gospel (Death, Burial, and Resurrection) we are supposed to HELP the POOR, VISIT the PRISONERS, Visit the Widows, and Fatherless…this is TRUE RELIGION!

5. We have made the Bible irrelevant by claiming it is outdated and creates homophobia. We have made our perverse desires OUR TRUTH and made the Bible a FABLE.

M. Hamilton Stevens, ThD