Brain death is death. A patient who is in a coma or persistent vegetative state typically has some brain stem function (which controls breathing) and possibly other brain function. When a person is brain dead, no part of the brain is functioning any longer. Unfortunately the average person doesn’t understand that when a doctor declares a person BRAIN DEAD they are DEAD. Brain Death is not a COMA or a Vegetative state it is death. I am writing this primarily for my fellow clergymen that seem to think you can “heal” a brain dead person, now let me say this I believe in miracles and have been the recipient of God’s miracle working power, however in over 30 years of hospital and prison ministry I have never seen ANYONE come back from BRAIN DEATH. If you are a clergy person and with a family that has received this news your BEST course of action is to minister to the FAMILY and help them deal with the DEATH of a loved one.

Rev. Dr. Mark H. Stevens, CPRP