When you identify yourself as a “Prophet” or Prophetess” and you manipulate people to do YOUR will…you are practicing WITCHCRAFT! God is very aware of your activities and you need to repent! A true Prophet’s job is the preach the TRUTH…that could be a word of encouragement OR a REBUKE…but it MUST be the TRUTH and LINE up with The Word of GOD. Anytime you “preach” a “word” to get people to do YOUR WILL and not God’s YOU are practicing witchcraft! When you tell people that “The Lord” told you to sow into YOUR ministry to get a blessing from Gawd….you need to STOP lying and repent! Jesus, Peter, nor Paul EVER did any such thing. STOP pimpin and Prophelying over God’s people before God ‘s wrath is poured out on you! BTW The THIEF in John chapter ten is NOT The Devil….it is the false pastor! Stop serving your demon “Kool-Aid” and REPENT while you STILL have time!

Chaplain Mark H. Stevens, ThD