Many false religions claim Jesus is not God because He never said, “I am God!”  I say He did, On more than one occasion.  Let’s examine Jesus self-declarations:


  1. “I AM the Bread of Life” = (John 6:35). This was spoken during His sermon that followed the feeding of the multitude. Jesus said, “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.” Jesus always directs people to place their hope, trust, and faith in Him. The Bread of Life indicates the fact that Jesus is the spiritual equivalent of natural bread, which is called the staple of life. Jesus knew that Jews could identify with this especially in relationship with the Manna that fell from heaven for the Jews in the wilderness. Did a man provide Manna for the Children of Israel or was it God? It was God of course. Jesus is the source of man’s provision.
  2. “I AM the Light of The World.” = (John 8:12). Jesus made the declaration at the Feast of Tabernacles. This is significant because the lighting of candles is a major part of the feast, for Jesus to declare this at time was very eye opening because Jesus is saying all spiritual insight and direction come from Him. He is the true “light” in the tabernacle. He is the light that guides our paths. Jesus said I AM the only hope for the world because I am the opposite of the darkness that enslaves it. Could a man make this declaration? This is something only God could claim.
  3. “I AM the Door.” = (John 9:34-38) Jesus is identifying Himself as the entrance of the Sheepfold. The Shepherd would protect the sheep by establishing a single entrance and exit for the sheep to go through. Jesus said He was that door. Any other way is the way of the thief or robber. Jesus was saying there is no other way but His way.
  4. “I AM the Good Shepherd” = (John 10:12,13) Here Jesus distances Himself from the religious leaders around Him, by saying He is the “Good Shepherd”, Jesus is speaking of His intrinsic goodness, He is saying I am the kind of good no man can ever be because “I Am God!”. Jesus is also sharing the duty of a good shepherd is to be willing to die for the sheep he is tending. Jesus died for sinful man.
  5. “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” = (John 11:23-24) Jesus let Martha know that He was the one that imparts life, not just for Lazerus…but for those that put their trust in Him for eternal life.
  6. “I AM the Way, The Truth, and The Life.” = (John 14) First Jesus say’s He is the Way. He did not say one of the ways. He pointed to Himself as the only path to eternal life. Jesus did not say I tell the truth…He said I AM THE TRUTH! Every religion claims to posses the truth, yet Jesus takes the position of supremacy by saying He is the source of all truth. If you want the truth you must go to the fountain of truth and that is Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Again the Lord say’s He is “The Life” meaning He is the source of all life. When you wake up in the morning thank Jesus, He is the source of life.
  7. “I AM the True Vine.” = (John 15:5) Jesus lets believers know that he is the source of their strength as long as they stay attached to Him.
  8. Jesus is simply “I AM” = (John 8 & 13) Jesus called Himself the same name God shared with Moses at the foot of Mt.Horeb. I AM the “Self-existent God”.  Yes Jesus did declare His deity.

Rev. Dr. Mark H. Stevens