No minister is above reproach, to often today’s “prophets” hide behind “Touch not mine anointed” of course taking the verse totally out of context. Paul rebuked Peter for the way he treated Gentile believers, The Bereans told Paul they would check the scriptures to verify what he said was TRUTH….my point is if Peter and Paul were NOT above reproof and reproach…why are these celebrity preachers today above reproof and reproach? Again the problem is too many Christians don’t study the Bible and are afraid to challenge false teaching. I am NOT afraid to challenge false teaching and I am not arrogant either, I have been rebuked and I continue to study to show MYSELF approved, Too often our people are drinking the Kool Aid of bad teaching and are scared to say anything for fear of being ostracized and shunned. Heaven help us, we need more men like Martin Luther TODAY that are not afraid to call out false teaching. It amazes me how men like Jimmy Swaggart, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, and others continue to lead people and that people STILL listen to them…..”Touch not my ANOINTED” has been misused and mis-interpreted TOO LONG. All believers are ANOINTED because the ANOINTED ONE lives in US!!!!

M Hamilton Stevens, Th.D.