16 - 1 (6)

What are the lessons we disciples are to learn from Luke 4?

1.    Satan is a powerful opponent that Jesus faced again and again (4:1-13). We his disciples will never get spiritual victory until we stop trivializing Satan and denying his influence.

2.   Satan is the agent of oppression that Jesus came to oppose (4:18-19). His mission is to set the oppressed free!

3.   Jesus confronted Satan and his demons with spiritual authority whenever they tried to attack him or others (4:33-36, 41).

4.   Jesus’ focus was on wholeness and freedom, not on Satan and his work. He dealt with Satan when he had to, but he didn’t fear him or obsess over the spiritual battle. Jesus’ focus was positive, not negative.

5.   We must not walk in fear of demons, but be wary and wise to there activities

6.   Ask God to give us discernment on every situation. (Proverbs 3:5)

7.   If it seems evil, it probably is! Shun the very appearance of evil.

8.   Stay submitted to God! (James 4:7)

Rev. Dr. M. Hamilton Stevens