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I believe many of my Pentecostal brothers have been duped into believing that the main purpose of being Spirit-Filled is so we can shout, sweat, and speak in tongues in church….WRONG!!! The MAIN reason we are Spirit-Filled is to win the WORLD! (Acts 1:8), when I was in Desert Storm I won 3 Muslims to Christ, and it was in a rug shop while drinking mint tea with them, the Holy Spirit gave me the boldness to witness in Turkey where I could have went to prison for witnessing, God allow me to lay hands on a sick Muslim and he was healed, God gave me a word of knowledge for another one….the Gifts of The Holy Spirit are for the STREET…not just the pews!!!!

The Gift of The Spirit and The 5 Fold Ministry Gifts are given to us to win the lost and to enable us to wrestle with demonic forces holding them captive. Too often we have allowed the enemy to have us holed up in buildings where we “show off” to each other assigning ourselves titles like Apostle and Prophet (They are NOT titles they are Ministry Gifts) we are engaging in a demonic game of one “Holy Ghost Horoscopes” give “words” that didn’t come from God or even line up with HIS WORD. God gave us HIS Spirit so we can do WORKS….and I am not talking about shouting in church and speaking in tongues! I am talking about casting out devils, laying hands on the sick, feeding the hungry, and visiting the prisoners.

M. Hamilton Stevens, Th.D.