1. Preachers spend more time preaching about money than Jesus Christ
2. Sexual Immorality is IN THE CHURCH!
3. We are Self-Righteous and refuse to acknowlege our own sin!
4. We stopped doing the works of Jesus in the community (Feeding the hungry natural food)
5. We don’t realize what the Gospel is anymore, and how powerful it is! (The Gospel is the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus)
6. We catagorize sin instead is realizing ALL sin can send you to hell
7. We don’t love the unsaved, if we did we would share the Good News in love and help them get delivered and set free.
8, Pastors want flunkies NOT Disciples, disciples do the work of ministry (sheep beget sheep)
9. Preaching the truth is NOT popular, stop worrying about your speaker offering and tell the truth!
10. Stop looking to politicians for change! WE ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH!