Depression is something that can strike ANYONE…even people of faith. Somehow people believe depression is a sign of a lack of faith and nothing could be further from the truth. Moses, David, Jeremiah, John The Baptist, and YES even Jesus had bouts of depression.

What are some things we can do to help when it strikes?

1. Acknowledge it! David in Psalm 13 asked God..”How long will you hide your face from me? FOREVER! David was transparent with God about his feeling as we ALL should be. The last verse of Psalm 13 is where David got the revelation of victory, he said…”BUT I will trust in YOUR salvation”

2. VENT!!! Talk to a Pastor, Friend, and yes a Psychiatrist! But talk to someone and share your hurt and pain, don’t let it fester inside of you!

3. Prayer and meditation, read the Word of God and meditate on the promises of God.

4. Take a vacation, even Jesus had to take a break with the Disciples after John the Baptist was killed, stress and trauma takes it toll on EVERYONE!

5. Avoid drugs and alcohol! Eat well and exercise.

M. Hamilton Stevens, ThD, CPRP