As long as Black men continue this cycle of having multiple babies out of wedlock and as long as Black women ALLOW trifling brothers to impregnate them, we will continue down the path of ignorance and poverty. It is hard enough WITH an education for us to keep pace in America, oh don’t be stupid racism is as bad today as it was in 1959 when I was born, the difference is we as a people are LESS aware and educated to deal with it. Martin Luther King was successful for two reasons 1. He was EDUCATED 2. He was lead by God…..2 things WE (Black folks) have abandoned GOD and BOOKS!!!! Wake up and pray for wisdom and read books OUR history, science, and finances……we will continue to struggle until we have a paradigm shift. (That is a changed MIND)

Black men we MUST step up and stop allowing our libido override our spirit’s and our minds. Black men are being raised by single mothers (some great and some bad) either way it is not helping our boys become MEN and our girls ladies that will look for real men to be their husbands. I know from experience what life without a father was like, it wasn’t until I was a grown man that my father decided he would acknowledge me as his SON. I was blessed to have UNCLES that mentored me and helped me see what men SHOULD be like, work hard, serve God, and protect women….not USE them and ABUSE them.
Dr. M Hamilton Stevens