A Few Thoughts on The Lack of Men in Churches:
1. As long as a local church is lacking men it will eventually die, churches need the influence of men in the community especially to minister to fatherless children. Women in church desire husbands and can’t be FOUND because the only men in church are the Pastor and a few deacons.
2. Pastors have to STOP being afraid of the testosterone that men have and reach out to the men in the community. We get mad when the Nation of Islam gets men, but the Islamic Community TARGETS men, in jail, on drugs, and in the street…..don’t get mad at the Muslims for doing what WE SHOULD BE DOING!!!
3. Stop being stuffy and traditional! Have social outings that involve MEN STUFF….Like fishing, football, and camping. Stop acting like you stop being a man because you get saved. It is not a SIN to be MACHO. Too many soft acting men in church anyway. (Yeah I said it)

4. Men need ACTION just sitting in church listening to a dry sermon doesn’t help a man spiritually men LIVE for a CHALLENGE….Pastors need use men the way the Apostles used Deacons as Community Ministers…feeding the hungry and mentoring fatherless boys.

M. Hamilton Stevens, Th.D., CPRP