Acts 6:8 "And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders
and miracles among the people."


Most churches especially in America are governed by one person…the Pastor! In most African-American Churches the Pastor is NOT ONLY a pastor, but he pretty much does everything in the church related to ministry. This man or woman preaches almost every sermon; many teach Bible study, lead prayer meetings, go into prisons and hospitals, and some even sweep and clean the church house. This is as ludicrous as a Basketball team that lets the point guard shoot 50 times a game and post up in the centers position. Just like a Basketball team the church was given guidance from GOD as to how to run the team called the CHURCH!

In the Early Church you find that the Body of Christ functions very different from the church as we know it today. The Early Church was NOT clergy driven, it was laity driven. In fact it almost seemed like there was no such thing as “laity”, the saints of the Book of Acts were an active and vital part of the ministry. The Apostles could NOT have had the spiritual success they had unless they had ministry minded men and women functioning in their respective positions.

Rev. Dr. M. Hamilton Stevens